5 Strategies To Make SaaS Procurement Collaborative 👏🏻

Michael Jordan said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

What if SaaS purchasing was a team effort?

Empowering teams to collaborate on the procurement process and make independent purchasing decisions helps manage SaaS sprawl. It may seem counterintuitive, but with the right tools, your marketing, design, sales and engineering teams can actually help control SaaS spend.

Below are 5 strategies to empower teams to make informed decisions, ultimately saving money on wasted licenses.

1. Assign Team Budgets
There may be a budget, but if the team doesn't know about it, it doesn't exist: a recipe for SaaS spray and pay.

Team leaders (usually C-level or VP) should cooperate with the CFO to create individual SaaS budgets, then make sure the budget is communicated to all team members. This will help them make informed trial and purchasing decisions.

2. Minimize Hierarchy
Too many people in the decision-making process means more time is required to reach a decision. Employees will get impatient and sign-up, expensing later or even using their own personal email. That puts company or client data in their own SaaS registered account.

Make the decision tree simple and the process public knowledge. It could look something like this:

3. Schedule CFO <> Team Leader Meetings
This one is straightforward but often overlooked. No communication, no awareness, no budget = SaaS spend waste.

Schedule quarterly meetings to review budget and current spend status.

4. Eliminate the Spreadsheet
Spreadsheets are time consuming and prone to errors.

Invest in a SaaS Optimization Platform (SOM) that has team functionality to set team budgets and monitor spend in real-time.

5. Designate SaaS to Teams
The Sales team buys a document signing tool with 10 licenses. HR buys the same tool with 5 licenses. Both operated in the dark. How many times have we seen this happen?

When multiple teams use the same platform, communication is critical. Even better: leverage the SOM to allow team leaders to view all apps across the company, giving them the ability to designate apps to teams and ultimately avoid duplicate purchasing.

SaaS sprawl doesn't have to be a headache. If managed properly, it will drive efficiency, innovation and success.

Make purchasing a team effort and become SaaS champions! 🏆

Michoel Ogince
Michoel Ogince
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