How Envoy leverages SaaS Operations Management to evolve what it means to be IT


Erin Merchant is the IT Manager at Envoy and very intentionally calls her department Workplace Tech. Envoy is filled with scrappy self-starters who need and want to take functionality and tools into their own hands.

In classic startup fashion, as soon as Erin joined Envoy she quickly learned that she didn’t want to be a gatekeeper. She wanted to enable the Envoy team to do their best work in a flexible environment, where she could still manage and support them; all keeping the broader growth vision in mind.

In the first weeks on the job, Erin identified 2 things she’d need to be successful:

  • Better understand and manage their SaaS services
  • Balance of freedom and flexibility in technology options for staff

Erin also really has a mission - she wants to be able to focus her time on evolving their team and workplace so that they can truly be one of the best in the world.


Standing between the Envoy Workplace Tech team and SaaS Management destiny was a lot of manual processes and a lack of visibility. Though she could get that information through conversations and spreadsheets, it took a lot of time and wasn’t standardized for her to be able to act on.

“I felt like I was on an archeological dig,” says Erin.

In addition to the burden on the Workplace Tech team, Envoy’s Security & Compliance Officer also spent her time researching where to find that ground zero person for each system and asking them questions.

While compliance held the greatest legal risk, this tangle of legacy systems also had implications for Envoy’s own product roadmap. What cloud tools were critical or ancillary to their core technology? Did anyone know? And would it scale?

Upon implementing Intello’s SaaS Management platform, the integration with their SaaS stack itself took 10 minutes. Deployment took less than 8 hours, including the development of custom fields. Within weeks, they knew a number of unused tools or mismatched licenses against use. Typically, each is a 5-figure budget line.

Prior to implementing, the Envoy team estimated 71 apps currently in use. The dashboard revealed there to actually be 194.

“Now process ownership is a diplomatic relationship between key stakeholders and everyone acts as an ambassador for success,” says Erin.

"My day-to-day is completely different now. Instead of pursuing documentation, I finally get to do the real work of ensuring compliance,” explains Tina Kruthoff, Envoy’s compliance officer. “Intello is now the reference material for audits and compliance. The flexibility of the platform has allowed us to add and customize fields to grow with our business. Over the next few months, I’ll be adding additional fields for CA Consumer Privacy Compliance."

The use of Intello provided Erin and the Envoy team a complete inventory of SaaS software apps. Soon all of the approvals, receipts, and reconciliations will live in one place. Next, they’ll build an application approval pipeline from request to launch to renewal.

“People wanted to be taught how to use Intello. But the system was self-explanatory,” says Erin. “Now process ownership is a diplomatic relationship between key stakeholders and everyone acts as an ambassador for success.”

To learn more about Erin and Envoy’s experience using Intello, chat with us today to receive the full case study or get a low-pressure demo to see exactly how the platform works.

Kelsie Skinner
Kelsie Skinner
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