How Instacart tackles shadow IT and automates SaaS Operations Management

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Anais Farges, Head of IT at Instacart believes that the impact of Shadow IT and SaaS has on IT teams is only just beginning. Managing SaaS Operations is the future, and her team is at the center of that for Instacart.

When Anais joined in 2018, she entered a company with skyrocketing scale and spectacular growth in revenue. With that, comes low visibility into SaaS spend and usage. Anais knew she’d need to start gathering data quickly. Her goal to create policies and guidelines that she would be able to enforce, as well as moving toward SSO (Single Sign-On) and BetterCloud implementation would need a reliable foundation of data.

From an IT perspective, there was low visibility on what was purchased or used. It was hard to anticipate costs and expenses, and difficult to spot SaaS overlaps and make course corrections.

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Anais wanted to uplevel the importance of SaaS management and spotting shadow IT. She knew how to get ahead of these looming unknowns.

She quickly identified 3 things she’d need:
1.Usage data trends. Month-over-month and year-over-year
2.Involvement and visibility with legal, security, and finance
3.Integrations with Google Suite and future enablement for Okta and BetterCloud

“There is power in having all this data to shift the direction of a contract,” Anais explains. “It positions the IT department to have more leverage in company decisions and truly demonstrate the impact of a corporate IT ecosystem.”


The SaaS Management landscape of options is growing quickly and Anais vetted three vendors. She quickly found that for her enterprise needs she needed the broadest level of integrations and a flexible feature set. Onboarding would need to be easy with everything else on her plate.

“With Intello we could see how deep shadow IT ran,” Anais explained. ‘We found out how multifaceted it was. We were able to audit and cut overlaps in software, trim unnecessary costs, and renegotiate contracts from a stronger position.”

The use of Intello paved the way for Okta and BetterCloud implementations as well as the creation of tighter procurement processes and policies. “It keeps everyone growth-minded,” says Anais. “It’s becoming a workflow and not a one-time assessment.”

To date, Instacart has identified and managed hundreds of thousands of dollars in previously unknown SaaS spend. To learn more about Anais and Instacart’s experience using Intello, chat with us today to receive the full case study and speak directly with some of our clients.

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