How much money 💵 are you wasting 🚮 on software?

Please stop by my office. I want to speak with you.”

That was the email I received from our CFO. It was 2013, back in the day when I was leading Product Strategy & Innovation at Big Fuel (acquired by Publicis). We reached 150 employees, and a problem was brewing.

“Michoel, I am looking at this spreadsheet and I see a ton of software expenses. I have no idea what is going on - how much money are we wasting on unused applications and licenses? who is in charge of each application? And it’s getting worse, the list is growing.”

“Listen, do me a favor, take a pen and paper and go speak with the head of every department: analytics, strategy, creative, HR, account management and sort out this mess! I want to know which software we should be paying for and which we should cancel.”

And so off I went, for two weeks from one department head to another - scribbling down who, what, and how much.

Since then, this problem has been amplified exponentially. Getting software off the ground is significantly easier and cheaper than it was 10 years ago. This has caused a massive proliferation of software, and employees are signing up for new applications left, right and center.

For companies -- it’s a software spend and usage management nightmare.

And they’re scrambling to solve the issue with spreadsheets, cloud storage folders, email records, to-do lists and calendar notifications.

Welcome to Intello!

Intello is an intelligent SaaS Operations platform that enables companies to discover and manage their software spend and usage.

With Intello companies can:

  • Save on unused licenses
  • Monitor payments & usage of applications
  • Make informed renewal & purchasing decisions
  • Consolidate vendor information

And the best part is, it's free forever. Take it for spin here

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Michoel Ogince
Michoel Ogince
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