Intello Launches Friends of SSO for IT Ops and Procurement Teams

New York, NY — NOVEMBER 4, 2019: Intello, the first and most-integrated SaaS Ops platform, today released the Friends of SSO resource for IT, Procurement and Information Security teams to find technology vendors who value security, without trying to profit off of security features. The free resource is updated live and features a searchable database of all SaaS providers who offer Single-Sign On (SSO) without charging extra for it.

“Unfortunately, most vendors charge extra for SSO, which should be a standard. And for IT leaders who are trying to roll out SSO to their employees with a tool like Okta, Google or OneLogin, this is a must-have feature in their tech stack,” says Barak Kaufman, CEO and Co-Founder of Intello. “We put the security of our clients first and the more vendors can do the same, the better off we’ll all be.” 

“Intello automatically recognizes and pulls in data for more than 1,100 SaaS apps to help companies manage the full lifecycle of all of their SaaS applications. Using that data to offer an industry resource like Friends of SSO just makes sense,” says Shlomo Dalezman, CTO and Co-Founder of Intello. “From the beginning, we built this platform to be able to pull this data to the forefront to have an even broader impact - for projects like this. Those integrations are growing daily, and we plan to launch even more benchmarking data and resources soon. And, of course, they’ll be free.”

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The Friends of SSO page is updated in real-time with data from Intello’s extensive database of more than 1,100 vendors and known security policies and offerings. Any other SaaS vendors not currently listed on Friends of SSO can apply using the form at the bottom of the page, which is then reviewed and approved by Intello’s technical team.

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Intello’s SaaS Operations platform enables IT, Finance and Security leaders to take back control of every SaaS tool in use around the company. The real-time dashboards automatically shine a light on shadow IT, unused licenses, and more through direct integrations like Zoom, Google, Slack and hundreds more.

As organizations and the software marketplace grow, so do the SaaS tools being used; whether they’re approved or not. IT teams shouldn’t be stuck with old processes and spreadsheets to manage the ever-growing number of subscriptions and licenses. Intello instantly empowers organizations with visibility of all of their SaaS spend, usage, security and compliance, and allows them to collaboratively manage licensing, renewals and payments.



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