Intello launches integration with botkeeper to enrich data with SaaS spend

We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with botkeeper, a leading automated bookkeeping platform.

Botkeeper is a platform that uses bots instead of humans to do the bookkeeping; better, faster, & less costly.

Traditional bookkeeping methods have a higher risk of fraud, require more human capital (and cost!) and are often inaccurate.

Botkeeper solves that challenge with accounting integrations, bots and accountants bundled into a SaaS platform to automate bookkeeping. The botkeeper dashboard provides reporting of financial and non-financial data for a 360 degree business view.

How botkeeper works:

  1. Botkeeper extracts data from financial and non-financial sources, for example Quickbooks, PayPal and Shopify.

  2. The platform then categorizes expenses, pays bills, invoices customers, accrues revenue and expenses, reconciles accounts, and enters data into your accounting software.

  3. The data is reviewed by skilled accountants to ensure accuracy.

  4. All data is presented in the botkeeper dashboard.

We started saving over $4,000/mo immediately after switching to botkeeper.
Steve Hopper, CEO Kigo Kitchen

The new integration with Intello enables you to manage your organization’s recurring software subscriptions and utilization directly in your botkeeper dashboard. It’s free to sign up and can lead to immediate savings on wasted software licenses.


To find out more or schedule a demo reach us here.

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