Intello’s Responsibility to Build Change

Racism, hate, structural bias, and systematic oppression can not continue. For too long, individuals and companies (including Intello) have not done enough. 

Our distributed team, many of which are based in New York City and other parts of the US, have witnessed the fear, pain, and exhaustion of our black communities and people of color these past few days. Our hearts are with the families of those silenced, recently and throughout history.

Listening and caring is not enough. It never has been. It is up to each of us to drive the change the world desperately needs. We cannot allow today’s reality to continue. We must treat those affected as our own families. Our own children, parents, siblings, cousins, nieces, and nephews. Now is the time to educate ourselves, organize, and take action.

At Intello, we are challenging each other to build change; change for our team, our clients, our partners, our industry, and our communities. We pledge to build change by taking intentional action. 

Intello commits:

  • To educate: We will invest in anti-racism training for our team and work with our communities, so every one of our employees feels confident to speak up and actively participate in anti-racist behavior, inside and outside of Intello.
    • Aug. 2020 Update: We have provided initial training materials including reading, videos, and communication resources to our internal teams and will continue to do so as resources become available.
  • To organize: We will require our team to take paid time off this month, and as needed in the future to volunteer, safely protest, learn and engage in ways that support activism.
    • Aug. 2020 Update: In July 2020 we required our entire team to leverage our unlimited PTO policy within that month to support an activism cause of their choice.
  • To speak: We will not be able to bring change if topics like racial bias and hate are not also addressed in professional environments. We will speak openly internally and externally about what we see and how we can continue to drive change. 
    • Aug. 2020 Update: In June 2020 Intello hosted an internal team video call with the discussion focused around our team's feelings and ideas for driving change in light of this year's protests and pain.
  • To share: We are building an internal set of resources to learn and take action against racism. We are sharing that document here if it’s helpful for other companies and individuals.
    • Aug. 2020 Update: 
  • To build: Our tech industry is notoriously non-diverse. We will strive for equal representation on our team by engaging in thoughtful hiring practices and developing equity policies, and support black STEM initiatives to ensure diverse representation.
    • Aug. 2020 Update: Our leadership team has researched and participated in conversations and virtual events to learn more about equitable hiring practices and are actively putting those learnings in to place for our immediate and future hires.
  • To give: Intello donates daily via our employee’s choices on Good Today. As a team, we will also select an Anti-Racism resource or initiative to donate to immediately.
    • Aug. 2020 Update: In July 2020, Intello committed to match employee donations to social-justice initiatives up to $500. The team in total donated $672, plus the $500 match. The recipient organizations are as follows:
      • Black Girls Code $697.62
        Center for Policing Equity $87.20
        Equal Justice Initiative $87.20
        NAACP Legal Defense & Education Fund $87.20
        Obama Foundation $212.77

We will do better for people of color. We will lean on our team and communities for ideas, because what we commit today is only the beginning.

This narrative we are trying to build will feel uncomfortable, and it will never be perfect. But we hope that it gives strength to the generations of families that are tired of fighting alone. We must make a change in ourselves and take action to join that fight.

We believe in change and are committed to doing our part. We will post publicly on the above commitments and ensure follow through.

Barak Kaufman
Barak Kaufman
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