Managing the flexibility of GSuite... safely

Google’s Enterprise Suite has clear administrative and productivity benefits for IT staff. It’s easy to get up and running, naturally integrates with existing systems, and offers robust centralized management consoles. That said, G-Suite isn’t without challenges. As the system becomes more ingrained, third party app integrations and internal data access grows in complexity. It’s increasingly difficult for IT and Workplace Tech managers to wrangle the breadth of SaaS integrations at play. U.S. based organizations leveraging G-Suite still remain a minority. Estimates suggest that G-Suite accounts for roughly 9% of what Microsoft pulls in, with only 15 of the S&P 500’s companies on the platform. But, in high-growth tech environments where efficiency and agility are more important, Google is the darling.

And on top of that, Gartner predicts that SaaS spend in business will grow 17.3% this year, reaching $206 billion.

As much as G-Suite is valuable, it also exposes you to risk, with little integration visibility or control out of the box. The legwork needed to onboard and offboard employees in a fast-growing environment exacerbates these limitations.

That’s not to say that G-Suite is bad or too difficult to manage. It just requires a strategic approach to safeguard your data and processes. Clients of Intello and OneLogin recognize the imminent SaaS swell and are taking steps to leverage the flexibility of G-Suite, while also establishing security standards and processes to ensure it’s used safely.

Many companies leverage Single Sign-On (SSO) tools like OneLogin to protect access to their SaaS apps. **But the lifecycle of SaaS and how IT gets involved begins much earlier, perhaps before IT even knows those apps are there. **Intello and OneLogin clients like Talkdesk and ThredUp leverage the deep integration to identify active SaaS accounts that aren’t yet set up with SSO. They also use the integration to better understand who is actually following SSO procedures and with which apps.

“We chose to implement SSO at thredUP to centralize management of our SaaS apps and also to simplify access to those apps for our end users,” says Aaron Pollock, IT Manager at ThredUP. “Combining OneLogin with G-Suite allows us to automate provisioning and easily provide instant access to our Google services. Integrating the two, plus Intello also ensures our security requirements are enforced not just for G-Suite, but for every app accessed via SSO.”

This approach allows IT Managers to ensure as many SaaS apps in use are set up with SSO access, while avoiding a wild goose chase that’s impossible to win. With this power at their fingertips, IT leaders can now see who has provided 3rd party access to G-Suite and when (not if) a vendor may experience a data breach that puts their company at risk. This puts IT in the driver seat to lock down access before a breach occurs or push recommended updates and resets to that 3rd party access.

Intello and OneLogin work together to offer a powerful cloud-first approach to manage the lifecycle of your software applications from SSO and access management to SaaS spend, usage, and compliance. Rolling out and maintaining SSO practices can sometimes feel like whack-a-mole. To enhance the effectiveness of OneLogin’s SSO features, Intello offers real-time visibility into active SaaS app accounts that haven’t yet enabled SSO. Organizations are rapidly adopting SaaS apps, but the teams tasked with managing them still rely on spreadsheets and other outdated processes to manage the ever-growing number of subscriptions and licenses. Intello’s automated platform empowers organizations by centralizing SaaS spend from financial systems and overlaying it with identity access and license management by OneLogin.

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