Overwhelmed by the SaaS explosion? Tips to better evaluate vendors

SaaS usage is more than accelerating 💥 It’s exploding!💥

The average employee actively uses 36 SaaS apps and this SaaS proliferation is creating many headaches.

One of these headaches: employees are hounded many times a week by software vendors.


“Hi ____ ,

I am reaching out to you because we have developed a new technology...”

“Hi ____,

My name is Dave and I lead business development at….”


These emails make you cringe -- right?

But what if the offering was truly valuable to your role or company. How do you cut through the noise, take the right meetings and conduct a thorough evaluation?

Below are 3 factors to consider when evaluating software. My advice is to prepare them in advance and it will help you evaluate and deploy the right solution.

1. Determine the Business Goals

Outline the top 4-5 (or more if needed) business goals that you need to achieve. Too many times I see software deployed and underutilized (wasted spend!) because it does not solve the primary goals.

If you’re in HR these may be:
      i. Accurately source engineering candidates
      ii. Streamline the interview process
      iii. Decrease the cost per hire
      iv. Decrease time to hire

2. Know Your Budget

Most often teams have a specific software budget. If you’re not familiar with that amount, ask your manager or head of department. Respect the budget and you will have the green-light to purchase even better or more software as it grows.

3. Create a Product Feature Sheet

This is more challenging. Create a product spec sheet and list out the features you need, weighting (importance) and a column to check whether the feature is present or not.

Crucial: these features should map back to the business goals.

You can easily add more vendors to analyze which is going to be the best fit.

Evaluating a CRM at Intello, we recently went through this process. You can catch the spreadsheet template here and run your own evaluation.

How to manage and prioritize software and SaaS vendors

Follow these 3 steps and it will help you accurately evaluate and deploy new software.

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Michoel Ogince
Michoel Ogince
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