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What is SaaS Management?

The SaaS industry has grown rapidly over the recent years, and is projected to continue similar growth in coming years. As exciting as these new applications are, it presents a new issue that begs the questions: how do we manage all of these applications? And what does it mean to 'manage' SaaS?


Intello’s Responsibility to Build Change

Racism, hate, structural bias, and systematic oppression can not continue. For too long, individuals and companies (including Intello) have not done enough. 

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Top SaaS Tools for Remote Working During Coronavirus Fears

Times are a-changin’, and for the better if you enjoy working remotely. Many startups and larger organizations are embracing remote work and enabling their employees to take the hustle home. And in times of crisis and health concerns like the COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”) outbreak, many teams in

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Intello Named SHI’s SaaS Operations Management Vendor

Intello Named SHI’s SaaS Operations Management Vendor to Reveal Shadow IT and Manage SaaS Usage, Security, and Compliance for SHI Customers.

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Intello Launches Jamf Integration and Deeper Usage Data Features

Intello’s SaaS Management Platform Aims to Shape the Future of IT Asset Visibility with New Jamf Integration

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Transparency as a Service

While you're reading this, someone in your company just signed up for another SaaS application.

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The Top Podcasts for Tech and Modern IT Enthusiasts

Podcasts have become the standard for staying up on your industry, news, how to solve cold case murders and more. But who’s got time to suss out which ones are worth listening to?

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Shining a Light on the Dark Side (and the Jedi Force) of Shadow IT

Strategies for uncovering and dealing with Shadow IT; and a healthy perspective on how it can actually be a good thing.

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Intello Launches Friends of SSO for IT Ops and Procurement Teams

New York, NY — NOVEMBER 4, 2019: Intello, the first and most-integrated SaaS Ops platform, today released the Friends of SSO resource for IT, Procurement and Information Security teams to find technology vendors who value security, without trying to profit off of security features. The free

How Instacart tackles shadow IT and automates SaaS Operations Management

Anais Farges, Head of IT at Instacart believes that the impact of Shadow IT and SaaS has on IT teams is only just beginning. Managing SaaS Operations is the future, and her team is at the center of that for Instacart.