The Top Podcasts for Tech and Modern IT Enthusiasts

Podcasts have become the standard for staying up on your industry, news, how to solve cold case murders and more. But who’s got time to suss out which ones are worth listening to?

Whether you’re a podcast regular or you like to listen at random intervals, podcasts can offer you fresh insights and help you take your career up a notch. And in the IT and high-tech industries where things move even faster it can be tough to keep up with the latest trends, new SaaS vendors, leadership strategies, etc. But if you can dedicate at least 1 hour a week to keeping up on things, podcasts are one of the most efficient ways to do so.

If you’re looking for a worthwhile podcast (or few) to add to your mental fitness regimen, here are the Top 10 podcasts for IT that our team listens to and loves. These span IT and security, to SaaS trends and tech leadership.

The Obvious IT Ones

  • IT Kit
    • From our friends at Spoke, IT Kit features outstanding content that gets in to the meat of IT. Their first episode from last Spring with Ryan Seit at Casper is raved about by many. Listen to Episode 3 with Envoy as another great installment.
  • MacAdmins
    • For anyone managing Apple environments, this is probably a no brainer. If it’s new to you, this almost weekly podcast dives into the latest releases, DevOps, device management, and more. Doesn’t hurt that the hosts are super relatable. 
  • TabGeeks
    • Another fun one that centers around interviews IT Leaders. Jesse Nowlin asks all our burning questions and will leave you with great insight and takeaways. The November episode “GDPR, CCPA, WTF??” with Kathy Winger is a great one, or for those looking to step out more the “Public Speaking in IT” episode with Erin Edgeley is fantastic too.
  • The Mission: IT Visionaries
    • Everything The Mission does is amazing, albeit Salesforce heavy. The content is usually jam-packed and very tangible for folks wanting to broaden their impact and grow their career. Recent episodes feature Asana’s Head of Product, CTO of PayPal, and a digital transformation researcher from MIT.

The Fascinating Tech Ones

  • How I Built This
    • With an audience that’s millions strong, this is probably already on your list but it deserved a shout out. The episodes featuring Wikipedia and Instagram founders are very worthwhile for tech and SaaS enthusiasts.
  • Tech Stuff
    • Another heavy hitter, this time by I Heart Radio. Tech Stuff features all things tech, from software and security to robots and autonomous cars. Check out the December 25th episode on public wifi. And maybe also share with your entire sales department.
    • This twice weekly engineering podcast is definitely dev focused if that’s your thing. Most episodes (like their “Hasty Treat” series) are shorter and highly entertaining, and even dip in to more extra-curricular topics when you’ve just had enough dark mode.
  • So, Bob
    • This is the evolution of the former Breach podcast and features Bob Sullivan and Alia Tavakolian. The focus of the series is the impact on tech and people, and what exactly it’s doing to us. This is a great one for skeptics and closet conspiracy theorists living in the role of IT.

The Security Ones

  • Security Now!
    • All our InfoSec and Security folks out there, we can’t forget Security Now! This beloved, weekly podcast is now above 750 episodes and a must listen for anyone in this field.
  • You: Tech and Identity
    • This series of episodes from Okta featured great speakers and focuses on single sign-on and identity topics. Though there’s only 8 episodes from summer 2019 this is worth a listen and we hope they air more soon! How about an episode on how to get SaaS vendors to stop charging for SSO!? We volunteer as guest speakers.

The SaaS Ones

  • In Context
    • All things AI and data science in this SaaS forward podcast by This is an older series that hasn’t had an episode out since 2018 but for anyone new in this space these are a great starting point to broaden your learning.
  • SaaStr
    • Another that probably needs no introduction. This is a great series for startups and high-growth orgs. If you want to broaden your business acumen and stay up on the latest in startup land, this weekly podcast is listened to by millions of folks from IT to Marketing to CEOs and more. Episode #299 with Yousuf Khon, CIO of Automation Anywhere is fascinating for anyone on the career path to CIO.
  • Enterprise Ready
    • A must-listen of our CEO, Barak Kaufman, this covers SaaS companies and growth. Check out the Trello episode (#14) about their growth story. Super fun listen that dives in to scaling their enterprise functionality.
  • Tech Talks Daily with Neil Hughes


The Hidden Gems

  • Still Untitled: Adam Savage
    • You probably know Adam from Mythbusters and his podcasts are equally loved. Notable IMHO is probably the Still Untitled one. Very much ear candy and extra-curricular in nature, he’s covered topics from spacesuit design, furry friends and more.
  • Brian Madden
    • Brian hosts a great series for IT folks wanting to get a little more technical and in the weeds. Closing in on 150 episodes, this series brings on super smart speakers, live streams from conferences, talks latest product releases and more.
  • CIO in the Know
    • Another great series for IT and InfoSec leaders carving out their path to the CIO title or CIOs already “living the dream” and tackling new challenges. Tim Crawford invites inspiring CIOs to share strategy and experiences in these quick 20-30 min. episodes.
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