Top Integrated SaaS Apps That Will Benefit from Slack’s Public Offering

We love a good growth story, and Slack’s Direct Public Offering (non-IPO) is nothing short of a tidal wave of growth for the apps integrated with them as well. With last week’s entry into trading as of last week, Slack was already valued at $19.5B and surprising many Wall Street analysts. It’s a fascinating headline all of Intello HQ has been watching, taking notes for our own ambitions.

Which got us thinking. Who else will benefit from Slack’s success in the coming months? We think that’s probably going to be all of the deeply integrated SaaS apps with Slack! Those tools who are most tightly integrated and being used heavily across Slack’s client base.

Within Intello’s own client base, here’s a look at the top SaaS apps currently being integrated with Slack:

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 3.33.51 PM

Here’s the full Top 20 list:

  1. Google 98.0%
  2. Zapier 86.8%
  3. Atlassian 78.6%
  4. Github 76.6%
  5. Trello 76.5%
  6. Dropbox 65.3%
  7. IFTTT 63.5%
  8. Giphy 59.3%
  9. Salesforce 59.2%
  10. Asana 55.2%
  11. Zoom 53.1%
  12. Polly 45.0%
  13. Donut 44.9%
  14. PagerDuty 44.8%
  15. CircleCI 44.8%
  16. Jenkins 42.9%
  17. Datadog 40.9%
  18. Quip 40.8%
  19. New Relic 38.9%
  20. InVision 38.8%

These represent the percentage of companies who are integrating these tools with their Slack instance.

Not many surprises here, but a few of my first impressions…

In addition to being a messaging platform, Slack is also a workflow platform and is helping other SaaS vendors drive adoption in new ways. Of particular interest are the webhook providers -- Zapier (2nd) and IFTTT (6th) that power data transfers and user workflows. These only substantiate the notion that Slack is a workflow platform. On a personal note, I have attempted to manage as many SaaS apps from within Slack as possible, including, G Suite, Intercom, Zendesk, and Zoom.

Google leading the pack (where is Microsoft? btw, they came in at #36) shows the powerful workflows and notifications that are essential to productivity: Google calendar reminders, comments in Docs, Sheets, Slides and Gmail integration (yes you can respond to emails and collaborate on email responses from within Slack!).

These integrations have also paved the way for transparency. Employees having access to public channels means they have insight into marketing, design, customer support, and even all the projects at hand. This drives teamwork and facilitates input that would otherwise not be able to happen.

Of course, not included above was Intello at 100%. But this isn’t about us, it’s Slack’s month. Our time will come.

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Michoel Ogince
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