Top SaaS Tools for Remote Working During Coronavirus Fears

Times are a-changin’, and for the better if you enjoy working remotely. Many startups and larger organizations are embracing remote work and enabling their employees to take the hustle home. And in times of crisis and health concerns like the COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”) outbreak, many teams in affected areas or who’ve been in contact with the illness are being asked to stay home. But the progress can’t stop, and in most growth-oriented companies you can’t afford to slow down.

There are numerous benefits to both the employee and organization in the remote model, and along with it comes a few requirements to make it successful. Beyond hiring high-energy and experienced employees who know how to communicate virtually, it’s also important to bring on tech-savvy individuals who thrive at collaboration and communication.

But no individual can make the remote dream work alone. They need a SaaS stack that enables them to work across time zones and disciplines... or when Coronavirus strikes! From virtual brainstorming to design and project management, SaaS technology helps us collaborate in real-time. 

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Across the tens of thousands of SaaS apps being managed within the Intello platform, here are the top software tools being used by the most successful remote companies and employees, and may just help us get through Coronavirus unscathed:

Web Conferencing
Zoom, Webex, RingCentral, Google Hangouts, Skype, Krisp
Maintaining face-to-face communication and connection is super important when you’re locked at home alone. Zoom is definitely the most loved solution on the market right now and widely used in remote-first organizations like InVision and some of the biggest names in SaaS themselves like Slack, Atlassian, Box, and more.

Also special mention for Krisp, a noise-cancelling plugin that works with Zoom to block all of that background noise... the dog barking at the UPS driver, kids crying, coffee shop noise, all of it.

Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord, Google Suite
Another obvious category to ensure seamless collaboration. Slack is well-known as best of breed but for Microsoft shops, Teams is another great option. We use Slack at Intello and the quick feedback and idea-sharing it supports is what helps us move fast and efficiently.

Loom, CloudApp, Droplr
The sharing solutions often come from bottoms-up adoption as end-users sign up to solve a challenge, and we see both Loom and CloudApp used across departments and companies. They allow users to create quick screen grabs and videos to explain complex ideas, share information, and more.

Smartsheet, Trello, Asana, Airtable, Jira, Clubhouse, Wrike, Workfront, Monday
The variety of productivity and project management tools on the market is overwhelming, and everyone has their favorites. But the data shows that the top, most used and loved across remote-friendly organizations are Asana and Trello. For orgs and teams that need more data-oriented productivity tools, Airtable and Smartsheet take the win, and for dev teams, Jira and Clubhouse are still the front runners.

Note Taking
Evernote (& Skitch), Notion, Bear
When you’re hopping from video call to video call notes and ideas get scattered. And there’s nothing worse than ending your workday with a desk covered in sticky notes and scattered notebooks. Our team is evenly split on whether they prefer Evernote or Notion, and both are widely used across our client base of SaaS-forward teams.

Google Drive, Box
The more our life moves into digital spaces, the more space that takes up. For Google based organizations the obvious choice is Google Drive. But for design-oriented teams and those doing a lot of external sharing, Box is the other top choice.

InVision, Figma
For product and UI design, marketing design and more, it’s essential to have a good, collaborative design tool that’s simple enough for non-designers to use and flexes enough with deep functionality for design pros to get what they need out of it.

Segment, Zapier
Keep things connected, no matter where the app owner is. Segment and Zapier are two of our favorites on the Intello team to keep our data flowing across applications with the bonus of minimizing our sensitive data footprint.

GitHub, Docker, GitLab, Clubhouse, Aha!
Building great software is rife with challenges and every year, new products to support engineering teams come on the market. And remote working is often cited as a requirement for many of the best developers in the US. GitHub and Docker are two tools we see most often used and loved by Intello clients to build, test, and deploy code.

Customer Experience
Zendesk, Salesforce, Intercom, Drift, Kustomer, Freshdesk
No matter where you are in the world, the country, or your house, your connection to your customers shouldn’t skip a beat. Zendesk and Salesforce are still on top across remote-friendly companies to stay on top of account management, support, and enablement.

IT Management
Zendesk, Intello
IT often lives in a reactive environment and their day may shift dramatically depending on breakdowns, breaches or executive whims. Tools like Workiva and Intello help IT in SaaS-forward and remote organizations get ahead of their environments and compliance, to finally reach proactivity, and stay better connected across their company’s teams.

Okta, OneLogin, Fleetsmith, Jamf, Azure AD, Dashlane, 1Password, LastPass
When employees and company devices are at home or tucked into a coffee shop somewhere, it can make IT teams a little nervous. Not to worry! Network, hardware and IP security have come a long way and with a combination of SSO procedures, password, and device management, all is safe and sound.

Incident Response 
PagerDuty, Statuspage (Atlassian), VictorOps, Opsenie (Atlassian), Splunk
Fast alerting and incident response can make or break a tech company of any size, and tools to make human intervention more efficient will ensure your customers stay happy. Here are a few of the top tools for incident response and real-time support operations.

Cloud Monitoring
Datadog, New Relic, Splunk, AppDynamics, Dynatrace
There’s so much data in play these days, and with so many fingers in the pot IT and operations teams need centralized platforms to monitor and manage it to drive intelligence and operationalization.


With all of this SaaS in use, make sure you're equipped with a SaaS Management provider like Intello, especially if the market continues unstable patterns that have business leaders getting nervous. With Intello you can discover every paid and free SaaS app in use around your organization, optimize license usage, cut down on wasted license or app spend and ensure you have a tightly run SaaS ship.

Intello’s SaaS Operations platform enables IT, Finance and Security leaders to take back control of every SaaS tool in use around the company. The real-time dashboards automatically shine a light on shadow IT, unused licenses, and more through direct integrations like Zoom, Google, Slack and hundreds more.

Reach out to us today to check out the Intello platform for yourself.

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