Why I Joined Intello

I decided to be a marketer when I was 11 years old. Whenever I tell people that, the response is usually a mix of curiosity and pity. But when you get to know me, it all makes sense. And I wanted to market a product that makes sense, with a team that enables my curiosity and creativity.

The first look I had at Intello was through a friend who’s a current Intello client. Her short explanation was “Yeah they have software that helps you manage all of the software at your company. Whether the IT team already knows about that software or not.” Wait, what? You can do that? What about my Spotify?

I don’t need to tell any IT Manager about the challenges of SaaS. I myself have signed up for so many secret SaaS apps in the cover of darkness. I may or may not have signed up for six different project management SaaS trials at a time, just to see 

which one had better “congrats on completing that task!” animations (ahem* Asana.) And yes, I do need to use Giphy as a primary form of communication.

SaaS proliferation has been steadily growing for several years and is now a full-on explosion. SaaS swell, Shadow IT, rogue software, cloud chaos, on and on say the headlines. This is a problem and it’s not going away. Last year, the average company wasted $3,033 for every employee on unused or duplicative software. Do the math… at a 500 person company, that’s $1.5M each year. Ouch.


IT and Finance teams are stuck with the messy job of shutting down licenses, or hearing from the Marketing team that they want to cancel their automation platform three days after they were required to give written notice. Which I have never, ever done.

The role of IT is no longer what it used to be. There’s a new perspective afoot. With companies growing faster than ever in human history, it requires us all to have skills and toolsets to stay out front.

My job as a Marketer is to grow Intello and our brand using new approaches and strategies. I’m talking predictive analytics, AI in customer interaction (that’s not awkward), machine learning for dynamic website content. It’s cool to talk about what’s possible but it’s really hard to implement, and especially so at scale. To be the best marketer I can, I need a serious support team and a broad set of technology. Queue IT. Everything is getting more technical and interconnected. I don’t have time to vet all of the possible SaaS options or troubleshoot when things go wrong.

IT’s job is to make all of us more successful, not to be a blocker of creative genius (within reason) or productivity. These challenges will only become more apparent as the transition to a fully SaaS-based world comes closer. 73% of organizations predict that almost all of their corporate software applications will be SaaS-based by next year. Our faster, more connected world is progressing commerce and human potential at a rate we’ve never seen on this planet.

future gif

Basically what I’m saying is… IT Managers are at the crux of our further human advancement. No pressure.

I see Intello as an essential partner in that quest. Plus, the product is freakin’ cool. To top that off, the people I get to work with are equally diverse and fascinating. Intello fosters a culture of curiosity. The engineering team often receive feedback from a client, brainstorm a solution, and deliver it in-product next week. That’s wild. I get to be on calls with strong female technology leaders, LGBTQ champions, CIOs who started their careers in call centers, cats who play Casio keyboards. One of Intello’s engineers worked for the Israeli military’s cybersecurity division! I am #blessed to be in this company and am learning every day.

“You have a masterpiece inside you, you know. One unlike any that has ever been created, or ever will be. If you go to your grave without painting your masterpiece, it will not get painted. No one else can paint it. Only you.”
Gordon MacKenzie

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