Why I Joined Intello

fter quickly realizing Division 3 Quarterbacks of my stature “can’t play in the National Football League,” it was time to come up with a plan B… And fast... After graduating from Union College with zero gameplan in sight, I stumbled upon the world of SaaS sales.

I am fortunate to have worked for and learned from three incredible organizations prior to joining Intello as their first sales hire. Each company has their own story.

SinglePlatform was part a part of Manhattan's largest tech acquisition at the time in 2012. Justworks was recently featured as the no. 2 fastest growing company in North America in Deloitte’s Fast 500. Plate IQ has grown its renowned customer base exponentially onto becoming the industry leader in restaurant AP.

Each stop was a different experience, but each experience shared one constant; amazing people.

Towards the end of my previous venture my aspirations of becoming Eli Manning’s successor were still slim to none with slim leaving town. However, my dream of helping build a sales process and scale a startup to the moon was alive and well. Awesome opportunities had presented themselves and I needed to make a decision.

Why Intello?

There are tons of reasons why anyone would want to join Intello: founders with a proven track record, exceptional investors, and over 700 organizations using the platform since launching to the public a year ago (...without having a sales team). However, there were two main factors that impacted my decision...

The first thing that stood out goes back to what the high growth, successful companies mentioned above share; great, authentic people. I learned a ton about the people of Intello during the interview process. It seemed like every time I was about to receive an offer, I received an email regarding next steps in the hiring process. I recall thinking, “if they are putting this much attention to detail into hiring for one role, I can only imagine how diligent they are with every other aspect of the business.

The interview process gave me an immediate sense of how fantastic the team is. Each person was genuine. Each person listened intently. Each person was passionate about what they do. With that said, getting an understanding of what problems a company solves is imperative and is the second reason I knew Intello was onto something.


Many people don’t realize the challenges IT teams face every single day; employees are constantly signing up for new apps, data isn’t consolidated, tracking SaaS spend and usage is close to impossible, and compliance is an exhausting crap shoot.

I began looking at my own experiences to gain a better perspective. A few questions came to mind:

Why are we using Zoom and Uberconference? Why are we paying double for two apps that do the exact same thing? What happens to the licenses if people leave the company? How does this affect the organization as a whole?

Last year, the average organization with 350 employees toss away $3,300 per employee in wasteful SaaS spend. Data security is becoming more and more prominent, especially after EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect May of 2018. These challenges will only become more apparent as the transition to a cloud based world marches on. 73% of organizations predict that nearly all of their applications will be SaaS by 2020.

How will IT teams survive managing this seismic shift?

Enter Intello

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 1.00.29 PM

Intello is a SaaS operations platform that has been helping organizations like The Muse, Invision, & Instacart manage their SaaS spend, usage, and ensure compliance for all of their SaaS applications. Intello is a company consisting of employees who genuinely care for the people on their team and are passionate about helping those affected by the challenges mentioned above.

These amazing people got me fired up about working for Intello, but it was seeing the problems the company was solving and how much value they were creating that really sealed the deal for me. I knew I could show up everyday to sell something I believe in, all while collaborating with an incredible team.

Dillon Kollmer
Dillon Kollmer
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